Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Behavior Plan Template Essay

Behavior Plan Template Use this template to create behavioral plans for assignments in Weeks Two and Three. Fill in each section and provide additional information as needed. Client Identifying Information List all pertinent and known identifying information.History Describe all pertinent and known history. MedicalOnur has urges to steal and gets a thrill from stealing.FamilyOnur stole items and cash from his parents and grandparents. Onur was reported as a runaway three times. There is no psychiatric history or any suicidal or homicidal behavior in the family background.Substance AbuseAt a young age Onur started substance abuse. He haas been charged with under-aged drinking.Developmental and SocialAt age of 15, he was charged with theft. Onur has been involved in crime for many years.He has a unique ability to be very convincing and brags about being able to get aways with anything. He does not show any remorse for stealing more than 3 million dollars.Course of Treatment List two ta rget behaviors and two interventions. Addiction/ KleptomaniaAntisocial PersonalityFrequency and Duration of Target Behaviors10 years of stealing At a young age up until age od 25Severity and Number of RelapsesMultiple times of relapseMultiple times of relapseInterventionsSelp-help groups/ Aversion Therapy Practice techniques such as holding his breath until he becomes uncomfortable so the urge of stealing goes away.Teach new vocational and relationship skills Role-plays in group to demonstate passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior for new group members. Goals and Objectives List two long-term goals, two short-term goals, and one objective to work towards each goal.Long-Term GoalMaintain honesty in the community/ Will remain free of destructive behavior to self and others.Short-Term GoalAttend 12-step sessions to the therapy program /Accept Responsibility for Recovery and implement at least two new coping techniques whenever he has feelings of impulsive behavior ObjectivesDevelop self-control,accept limits, and learn s to trust others. Will determine the most beneficial strategies and substitute them for maladaptive ones. Discharge and Termination Plans Describe the discharge and termination plan for the client.Discharge PlanDemonstrates alternative ways of handling situations and urges of stealing.Termination PlanOnur has demonstated progress toward this goals by using alternate behaviors to use self-control  during situatuions that get out of hand. If the client fails to control his urges to steal and continue to have an antisocial behavior he will have to continue treatment in prison. References Jones-Smith, E. (2012) Chapter 6 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy Reality / Choice Therapy, 1e.ISBN 9781412910040 Thousand Oaks, CA Sage Publications, Inc.

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