Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Left side right side Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Left side right side - Essay Example I discovered that the political system was an important party of society. Because of the multi-party system, the average person on the street can fight for and protect their basic human rights. On the other hand, living under a political system where one party dominates can be tough. The people’s rights are not respected because the party controls everything. The Internet has become a vital part of the younger generation. Nowadays, corruption cases can be exposed by the Internet and sent around the world. The Internet is the gateway for the proclamation of truth. One great example is the story commonly known as â€Å"My father is Li Gang.† Li Ai is the son of Li Gang. One day, when Li Ai was driving his flash car, he crashed into a small girl and killed her. There were some people who knew what he had done. However, Li Ai said â€Å"my father is Li Gang, the head of the police. I will be fine.† I believed what he said because no one would find out about it. But, the Internet is the perfect tool to help publicize issues like this. If we did not have the Internet, would we have even found out about this story? A scarier thought is how many people get away with actions like this because they are protected by powerful people? The root of all our social problems is our political system. A one party state often contains many weak points. As I have lived in a one party state for 19 years, I really doubt if this system is the right way to go. I have spent the last two years studying in America and now really support a multi-party system. A multi-party system allows freedom of expression and considers human rights. Greater party representation means more competition, and more competition satisfies the people’s needs and wants. The people can freely choose to support the party that they think will benefit them the most. In the opposite way, a one party state can make decisions all by themselves. In

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